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Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies Vol. 52, No. 4, November 2016

Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies latest special issue “Surveillance” is ready to read online,

Today, Surveillance is a pervasive, onerous, and deeply troubling feature of every day life. Phone calls, financial transactions, computer usage, gaming, and consumer behavior are tracked, stored, analyzed, and instrumentalized in the service of an array of political and economic interests. The use of invasive surveillance technologies and measures has undermined our understanding of the private and public spheres, compelling us to reconfigure notions of publicity and privacy, freedom of expression, security, individual rights, and collective interests.

In the light of these recent developments, this theme Seminar issue probes the dynamics between psychological, social, cultural, ethical, and aesthetic dimensions of surveillance in German-speaking literature, film, media, and the arts.

This issue contains:

Introduction: Critical Perspectives on Surveillance in Contemporary German Literature and Film
Karin Bauer, Andrea Gogröf

Tyranny and Tragedy: Paradigms of Surveillance in Theodor Storm’s Aquis submersus and Carsten Curator
Michael White

Surveillance Narratives: Kafka, Orwell, and Ulrich Peltzer’s Post-9/11 Novel Teil der Lösung
Betiel Wasihun

Data, Love, and Bodies: The Value of Privacy in Juli Zeh’s Corpus Delicti
Sarah Koellner

Secret Police in Style: The Aesthetics of Remembering Socialism
Cheryl Dueck

Watching the Night: Surveillance and Cross-Sectional Montage in Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s Abendland (2011)
Brook Henkel

System Error: Complicity with Surveillance in Contemporary Workplace Documentaries
Annie Ring

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