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Book: The Changing Place of Europe in Global Memory Cultures

This book edited by Christina Kraenzle and Maria Mayr investigates the transnational dimensions of European cultural memory and how it contributes to the construction of new non-, supra, and post-national, but also national, memory narratives. The volume considers how these narratives circulate not only within Europe, but also through global interactions with other locations.

The Changing Place of Europe in Global Memory Cultures responds to recent academic calls to break with methodological nationalism in memory studies. Taking European memory as a case study, the book offers new empirical and theoretical insights into the transnational dimensions of cultural memory, without losing sight of the continued relevance of the nation. The articles critically examine the ways in which various individuals, organizations, institutions, and works of art are mobilizing future-oriented memories of Europe to construct new memory narratives. Taking into account the heterogeneity and transnational locations of commemorative groups, the multidirectionality of acts of remembrance, and a variety of commemorative media such as museums, film, photography, and literature, the volume not only investigates how memory discourses circulate within Europe, but also how they are being transferred, translated, or transformed through global interactions beyond the European continent.

Christina Kraenzle is Associate Professor of German Studies at York University, Canada. Her research focuses on modern German-language cultural studies, with an emphasis on issues of transnational cultural production, mobility, globalization, and memory.

Maria Mayr is Assistant Professor of German Studies at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. Her research analyzes contemporary German-language cultural productions, with a focus on migration, memory, transnationalism, and identity discourses.

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