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Congress: Support for Graduate Students for CAUTG Banquet Attendance

The CAUTG conference organizers are providing some additional details about graduate students’ attendance at the banquet in Vancouver. If you are able, you may contribute to our campaign to make sure students can attend the event. See below, and let us know if you need further information.

  1. The CAUTG will pay (by reimbursement) for any graduate student who wishes to attend the banquet and isn’t already sponsored by a faculty member or department.
  2. Departments wishing to sponsor particular students can do so by sending the conference organizers and the Treasurer a list of the students they will be reimbursing for banquet tickets.
  3. Faculty wishing to sponsor particular students: similarly, tell us whom you are sponsoring and how you’re doing it (i.e., reimbursing the student or purchasing a second banquet ticket yourself through the Congress registration).
  4. Any individuals who wish to contribute to our “Buy a Student Supper” campaign: The easiest way to do so is through the Congress registration portal ( You can add another banquet ticket to your registration even if you have already completed your registration!

Conference Chairs: Stephan Jaeger ( and Belinda Kleinhans (

CAUTG Treasurer: James Skidmore (

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Kyle Frackman

Local Coordinator for CAUTG 2019

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