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Congress 2018: Final Program

Dear CAUTG colleagues and those who’ll newly join us at CONGRESS in Regina:
Please find attached the final version of the program. All participants listed in the program need to be registered for CONGRESS and the CAUTG annual meeting, and also must be signed-up and paid-up members of our Association.

For logistics reasons, we had to switch our two celebration events this year, the ABM and Banquet will be on the middle day (May 27th), and the final reception with the “Celebrate CAUTG Research and Teaching” event, on the final day (May 28th).
For the former, please note that Banquet tickets are still available.
For the latter, thanks to all who already sent their slide showcasing their exciting and stimulating research & teaching projects – all others, please keep sending to Gaby Pailer ( and Laura Isakov (


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