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Teaching Online Resources

Don’t teach. Facilitate.

That’s the key to how Dr. James Skidmore, Associate Professor of German at the University of Waterloo and Director of the Waterloo Centre for German Studies, teaches online. Instead of trying to replicate lectures or other standard forms of face-to-face classroom teaching, he tries to adjust his approach to the strengths of online teaching platforms (known as Learning Management Systems, or LMSs).

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic and many universities such as Waterloo moving their classes online, Dr. Skidmore has put together some ideas on how to shift courses online or on how to design online classes.

Read Dr. Skidmore’s essay “Don’t teach. Facilitate.”

Find more information and resources on online teaching on Dr. Skidmore’s website “My Approach to Teaching Online.”

Dr. Skidmore will also host the webinar “Simple and Effective Online Teaching,” together with Victoria Feth, on Wednesday April 8, 11am-12noon EDT. You will find more information on his website.

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