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CfP: Graduate Student Research Posters

Hello to all Graduate Students!
I am reaching out to you as your CAUTG Graduate Student Representative to remind you about the upcoming deadline of May 7th for the “Graduate Student Research Posters,” which will be displayed virtually at the CAUTG Conference this year. 
This initiative will allow you to share your work with other graduate students and all of the scholars in attendance. You will have chances to discuss your research with other conference attendees at breaks and attendees will be able to leave feedback on your project.
Our conference organizers have also passed on a special request for one student who is planning on submitting a poster to provide their name and the title of their research project as soon as possible, in order to start the initial setup. You will not be required to submit the poster early (the deadline is still May 7th). If you are willing, please send this information to the conference Program Chairs, Stephan Jaeger and Belinda Kleinhans: &
I hope that we will have a great variety of posters from many different institutions represented at Congress this year, please do consider participating! 
To any faculty reading this, please send on to graduate students that you think may be interested!

Please also see this flyer:

Veronica Curran, CAUTG Grad Rep

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