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JOB: Literary Translator German-English (Jan 31st, 2021)

We are looking for a literary translator with experience in translating literary works from German to English. The translation consists of an excerpt from Poetische Vernunft im Zeitalter gusseiserner Begriffe by the Croatian-German author Marica Bodrožić. The translated excerpt will be part of an edited collection entitled Unrealized Futures in Post-Socialist Memory and Culture (eds. Michel Mallet, Maria Mayr and Kristin Rebien) to be published with de Gruyter.

The translation consists of approximately 5,000 words and will be compensated at a rate commensurable with industry standards. It should be finished by July 1st, 2021.

Please send any questions and your application, consisting of a cover letter and CV, to by January 31st, 2021.

*** Please note that you will have to have an existing Canadian SIN and work permit in order to take up this position, and that you need to be currently residing in Canada.

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